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Our services for those who want to buy a property

Cortona Immobiliare offers a qualified assistance to those planning to buy a house or a commercial space. If you want to buy an apartment in the historic center of Cortona, a luxury villa nearby, or a property for commercial activities, it is always best to turn to a competent professional in the field, able to provide a free consultation in the choice of the property and continuous assistance both before and after the sale. And that is what the consultants of Cortona Immobiliare do.

The real estate agency, specialized in prestigious homes and apartments in the territory of Cortona and beyond, is able to provide all the necessary assistance in managing every single phase of the real estate transaction. From the search of the property that corresponds to precise needs up to the notarial deed, including the evaluation and technical and financial advice, Cortona Immobiliare accompanies, step by step, those who have decided to make such an important choice as buying a house.

In particular, the services that Cortona Immobiliare offers to the buyer are:

  • availability and maximum flexibility in managing appointments with customers
  • consultancy in finding the right type of property, in line with the planned budget
  • professional photos and videos with drones with an authorised operator, certified by ENAC
  • technical consultancy, also relating to installations
  • assistance and supervision of the renovation work, from the definition of the project to the choice of the materials and up to the complete realization, even with turnkey estimates
  • Does your real estate agency also offer technical assistance for maintenance work?
  • The teams in charge of the renovation works are always available for large and small maintenance operations.
  • cadastral successions and transfers
  • handling of bureaucratic procedures with the public administration
  • consulting with financial institutions for mortgages and loans

To foreigners who intend to buy a property, Cortona Immobiliare provides all the informations regarding the purchase and sale of properties in Italy according to the current legal provisions, specially those who relate to Umbria and Tuscany. The agency helps them also to obtain an Italian tax number, and can organize a translation service for notarial deeds.

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